Whats really keeping you from Success

There are two major factors that keep us from success, achievement, and living the life of our dreams. What are they? Fear and comfort.

All success and achievement comes from outside your comfort zone

It’s the fear of failure, the fear of the unknown, and the biggest fear of all in my view the fear of what our family and friends will think of us if we dare to be different, for daring to have dreams and goals so big they could never even contemplate achieving them.
It’s those fears that weigh on us and make our ability step out of our comfort zone to take the action required to achieve our goals seem impossible. It’s much more comfortable to sit on the sidelines never taking a risk. It’s easier to live in mediocrity than it is to step away from the pack and chase your dreams with a burning desire and passion.
The life of your dreams is out there but you must go after it. You must take action and here’s the secret. It’s not on your couch, you don’t learn how to achieve it by watching three hours of television a night.
To truth is that greatness and success is found outside your comfort zone. Goals, success, and abundance is achieved when you take action and get uncomfortable.
There are many things successful people don’t like to do just like less successful people the difference is successful people do them anyway. I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone, don’t let those who won’t even try tell you that you can’t do, be, or achieve anything.
Dream big dreams. Write down those dreams in detail. Create an action plan and then take action each day. You do not have to have it all figured out you just have to start and once you start consistent action compounded over time equals results. Surround yourself with positive like-minded individuals who will support you and hold you accountable. There will be fears but be courageous, you can do it.
“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear–not absence of fear.” –Mark Twain

My greatest fear

My biggest fear when I really think about it is not death but dying without truly living life to the fullest.  I fear most dying without leaving anything for my children, without leaving any real legacy, without coming close to realizing my full potential.

What it all boils down to is when I am done here on Earth I want to leave a mark, some sort of proof that I was here and made a difference. I’m not there yet, not even close…………..you?

Its gone on too long, living in mediocrity. Its easy, its comfortable, just do what most others are doing muddling along through life scared to be different.

As I get older mortality becomes more real and the fear of not achieving all the dreams gets greater.   I will use these fears as fuel to the fire of my desire to be more, achieve more, and create a legacy.

I challenge you, face your fears and use them.  We are NOT here to be mediocre. We are here to be great, to be significant, and to impact others. My mission is to help and inspire others to go after their goals and dreams and test the limits of their potential.

I’m not afraid of dying but I am afraid of dying without really living