The Goal is to live a life of Meaning and Significance

The goal is to live a life of meaning and significance. Its tough stepping out of your comfort zone, putting yourslef out there for all to see, for all to critique and to judge. I do believe there are those out there that will judge us, there are those who will have negitive thoughts, comments, and even those who want you to fail.

While there are those out there with that mindset, the worst of those naysayers reside in your own mind. That voice in your head that says you’ll never make it, I dont deserve that promotion, I dont have the education, Im not worthy, no one will listen to me, you know that voice. The negative self talk that is the biggest contributor to what holds us back.

We can often be our own worst enemy. I know I am my worst critic and can be really tough on myself, you ever feel that way? I believe being tough on myself and setting high expactations for myself is in large part why Ive had some level of success. While I have to reflect and be grateful for how far Ive come, I know I have barely scrathed the surface of my potential. I know there are many that would love to be in my position and enjoy the income level I am at. But I know I was meant to do, be, and achieve, so much more. I dont think I am any better than others but I believe I am here to achieve something great, something meaningful, something significant. I think you are too.

I believe it our responsibility and our duty to improve ourselves, to be the best version of ourselves, and produce. Produce in terms of being the best spouse, parent, and provider you can be. Produce in your work whether it be the best employee, business business leader, or busness owner. The goal is to be the absolute best you, that you can be.

All to often and to many are confortable being average, its easy being mediocre never putting your gifts, talents, and potential on the line. With this average mindset you’ll never achieve anything great, nothing meaningful, and nothing of significance. Thats not who I want to be. How about you?

I want to leave a legacy here for my family. I want to leave proof that I was here on earth long after I am gone. For this reason I will fight through the negative thoughts. I will push through when it seems no ground is being made. I will push back against the naysayers, I wont let those who won’t tell me I cant. I challenge you to do the same. Why not you? Dare to step away from the average and pursue meaning and significance.