Are you a Leader or a Boss?

A Leader inspires

A true leader who is confident in his or her self doesn’t rule over his subjects.  The good leader respects others and is especially careful to treat those working under her direction with respect.  The person with the title whom treats his people disrespectfully is a boss and not a leader. There is a difference and the results the two get are typically a lot different.

  • A leader treats his employees just as respectful and courteous as he does his clients.
  •   A leader recognizes the work load and time constraints his people are working under and respects the effort of a loyal and hardworking employee.
  • A Boss has two personalities, a respectful cheerful tone with clients brimming with politeness and concern.  And then the less respectful easily frustrated tone.  The Boss types are famous for the do as I say not as I do or do it because I said so management style.
  • A Boss comes in and barks out orders and direction with out ever determining what the employee is currently working on. He often doesn’t know what it is, when it needs to to be done, or who the work is for. All that is on his mind is what is important to him at that moment with no respect for the others.  There are situations when a fire needs to be put out and priorities need to quickly change. I’m not talking about these cases. It is the boss I’m talking about who manages through the lenses of his own ego.

Be the leader who shows respect, courtesy, and understanding. Obviously as the leader and being in a managerial role there are times where you have to be firm with people and you have to make tough decisions and have frank conversations.  But this can be done with respect. By building trust through the day to day operations treating your people firmly but respectfully the tough conversations are easier, people want to perform for you, company moral is high, and the work environment is better for all.