You are in control, dont let anyone derail your dream. 3 Tips to achievment

You are in control, dont let anyone derail your dream. Just wanted to send out a reminder that where ever you are in your life, financially, job, career, business, or relationship, whatever, it does mean you have to stay there. Its a fact that we are all where we are because of the decisions we have made and the actions we either have taken or not taken. But the truth is, those past decisions do not have to dictate your future.

You have the ability to choose the future you want right now. Once you decide what your goals and dreams are you have started the process of changing and shaping the future you want. However, this is the easy part.

The key to making any change and achieving any goal requires action. This is where people stumble and fail. Everyone wants the money but are’nt willing to commit to what it takes. Everybody wants the fit and attractive body but manny are’nt willing to put the work in, to sacrifice. You can achieve your goals and dreams but you must be willing to work and sacrifice. Nothing great comes easy.

Commit goals to paper

Once you decide what it is you really want to accomplish or what you really want to become you must commit it to paper. I know we all have high tech devises but Im telling you to pick up a pen and a sheet of paper and write your goals out. Right out exactly what it is you want to achieve or become. Detail what your plan is and the effort you will put in to achieve your goal. Review those goals every morning and every evening. Hold yourself accountable. For a time tested method for setting and achieving your goals and dreams I highly suggest you read “think and grow rich” by Napolian Hill.

Commit to massive action

Commit to taking consistent massive action. We get fired up starting off while we are all excited about our new goals that will deliver the life we dream of. Once we experience a little friction and that excitement wears down, it gets a little tougher to keep putting out that effort. It can get diffuicult pushing forward without seeing results or at least the results we think we should be seeing. Keep in mind that results follow momentum, keep pushing, cosnsistent effort is always rewarded. The reason why most fail is because they fail to accurately consider the work required to accomplish their goals. Understand up front that what ever your first thoughts are on what action is required, double it, tripple it. Doing this you start to find out if you are actually committed. Grant Cardone author of “The 10X rule” says that what ever goals you have, what ever effort you think it will take multiply that by ten. Its actually a great mindset, I agree with Cardone that we think to small, we must think much bigger and set our goals higher. We set our goals to low and hit them, we should be setting our goals so high it stretches the limits of our potential.

Prepare for the cynics

Prepare yourself for the naysayer, the critics, cynics, and detractors. There will always be naysayers and critics, people who will always find the negative in everything and everyone. When you start stepping out of your comfort zone, you’ll be putting your self out there for the world to see. You are going to be vulnerable, again, here is where you find out how committed you are. Some will criticize and try to ridicule, they do this mainly because you are a threat. You by your actions are challenging them to question their own abilities and commiment to pursuing their own potential, some cant handle this. Rather than re-evaluate themselves they feel better criticizing you. You must get your friends and family on board also, share with them what your trying to accomplish and the effort it will take. You’ll need them to understand that you must block out the time required to acieve your dreams, Its in their best interest as well. Make sure you commit special time for them as well. You need them on your side, on your team.

Where ever you come from, lower financial background or status, High school drop out, over weight, what ever it is doesnt matter. What matters now is that you have decided now to make a change,set goals, and chase your dream. Whatever they may be, you want to achieve financial freedom, you are going to become a Senior Poject Manager, or you are going to get in the best shape of your life; whatever you dream of it can become real. You are in control, dont let anyone derails your dream.


You are a leader, no title required. I’ve been studying leadership and the impact good leaders can have on business, careers, and relationships. I have had the opportunity to work for and be around great leaders and learn from them. I’ve also had the opportunity to be around poor leaders and learned lessons from them as well.

John Maxwell defines leadership as influence. Notice that there is no title needed to influence others. There is no requirement to be the president, CEO, or boss. This is why I believe we are all leaders or at least we have the ability to be leaders no matter what your position is at work, home, or out in public. We are all leaders, yes you too.

How can we be leaders or influence others if we are not in a position of authority?
By being the example of excellence. Now I don’t know that excellence is ever attained, I believe excellence is more of a consistent pursuit of your highest self, consistently giving your best effort, and stretching your god given potential.

What makes you a leader? Constantly being the example of and modeling of a high level of character and integrity. You couple that Character and integrity with commitment to self-improvement and you’re a leader that can make a real difference in your business, career, your relationships, in your life and the lives of others.

I want to share with you three simple character traits that if applied can and will make a real difference in your performance on many levels and will increase your influence on others.

Don’t be late.

Don’t be late to work, don’t be late to meetings, don’t be late to a family events. Showing up for work on time, be at your work station what ever that may be, ready to go. Being in the parking lot putting your shoes on or doing your make up doesn’t count as on time. Arrive at the meeting on time, prepared and ready to take care of business. What does on time mean? If you aren’t early you are late. If you aren’t 10 minutes early, getting prepared and ready to get after it at the designated time you are late. Being on time shows respect for others and the task at hand. If you aren’t early you are late.

Do more than what is expected.

Folks, the bar is set low out there, anyone can do the bare minimum and most people do. Why is that some people excel, achieve more, or get more done than others? They do what is expected and then a little more. Jim Rohn always talked about, your income is in direct proportion to the value you bring to the market place. So remember this, your value in the market place is created after you’ve done the bare minimum. Anyone can just show up, I see it all the time. People want to just show up and get rewarded. No, your value or at least your added value comes when you do what’s expected and then a little more. This applies to business and relationships. You do the bare minimum in your marriage you probably wont have a great marriage, go the extra miles on a consistent basis, it will pay off. Anyone can do the bare minimum, and most do.

Don’t be a complainer.

Great leaders are not complainers. IF you don’t bring a solution to a complaint you’re are a whiner, no-one likes a whiner. Great leaders do recognize when things aren’t going right or that there is a problem, but they bring a solution to the complaint. You see, that makes you a problem solver, not a complainer. Great leaders are always great problem solvers. Complaining can be contagious, don’t get sucked in by others. When others are complaining, ask the question, ok how can we correct the problem? What can we do to make the situation better? Always bring an idea for a solution to a complaint.

These three ideas seem simple, but they are practiced nearly as much as they should be. Notice nothing I’ve suggested requires a title. If you apply these ideas and make them your habits your influence on others will improve. You will be the example of excellence and you will be a great leader

Human Potential and Living a Full Abundant Life

Human Potential and living a full and Abundant life

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about human potential and living a full an abundant life. When I say abundant life I mean not just financial, I’m talking deep meaningful relationships with family and friends, making real impact on my community. I’m talking about making a difference in the lives of people I don’t even know. Living a life of significance.

Be a Champion

I have visions of making significant and meaningful impact on young men and women needing a mentor. There are those who believe they aren’t worthy, they’ll never succeed, their dreams will never come true. There are people my age and older who believe its to late to chase their dreams, they believe their time, and there opportunity has slipped through their fingers. They need a champion, I want to be their champion.

We All Have Greatness Within Us

You see I believe I was truly meant to make an impact, I believe that I have the potential within me to impact and change peoples lives for the better. There is greatness within me just waiting to be unleashed. I don’t think I am any different or better than anyone else. Its my belief that we all have greatness within us. We need only the courage to release it, to cultivate it, to unleash it.
Stretch The Limits of Your Potential

I believe it is our responsibility to push and test the limits of our full God given potential. We should set big fat audacious goals and then set out a plan of action to achieve them. We should aspire to be the greatest version of ourselves that we can possibly be. Remember, you can have all the potential in the world but it means nothing if you don’t take action. You can have a powerful race car but it wont move and get down the track until you put the pedal to the floor.

Will we ever really max out our potential, and be the absolute best version of ourselves? No, I don’t think its possible, and I can accept that. What is not acceptable for me any longer is not pursuing my best. Nothing less than a relentless pursuit of my full potential on a consistent bases is acceptable. Success is in the mission, in the journey where you leave a trail of meaningful relationships, achievements, and victories.

So What does Testing the Limits of Your Potential Look Like?

So what does pushing and testing your potential look like? Again, big fat audacious goals and an action plan to achieve them. It means taking consistent action daily towards our goals. It also means facing the questions, the unknown, facing your fears. Questions like, how could I ever do great things? You don’t have to have it mapped out, you just have to start, as you take baby steps the path will become clear. What will my friends and family think? What if I fail and everyone sees that? There is no failure unless we quit, only learning opportunities we can use to make course corrections. Through set backs and hardship, no matter how slow the process, we will still be ahead of those not even trying, and ahead of those rolling their eyes at us for trying.

I challenge you to test the limits of your potential and live a full and abundant life.

Are you a Leader or a Boss?

A Leader inspires

A true leader who is confident in his or her self doesn’t rule over his subjects.  The good leader respects others and is especially careful to treat those working under her direction with respect.  The person with the title whom treats his people disrespectfully is a boss and not a leader. There is a difference and the results the two get are typically a lot different.

  • A leader treats his employees just as respectful and courteous as he does his clients.
  •   A leader recognizes the work load and time constraints his people are working under and respects the effort of a loyal and hardworking employee.
  • A Boss has two personalities, a respectful cheerful tone with clients brimming with politeness and concern.  And then the less respectful easily frustrated tone.  The Boss types are famous for the do as I say not as I do or do it because I said so management style.
  • A Boss comes in and barks out orders and direction with out ever determining what the employee is currently working on. He often doesn’t know what it is, when it needs to to be done, or who the work is for. All that is on his mind is what is important to him at that moment with no respect for the others.  There are situations when a fire needs to be put out and priorities need to quickly change. I’m not talking about these cases. It is the boss I’m talking about who manages through the lenses of his own ego.

Be the leader who shows respect, courtesy, and understanding. Obviously as the leader and being in a managerial role there are times where you have to be firm with people and you have to make tough decisions and have frank conversations.  But this can be done with respect. By building trust through the day to day operations treating your people firmly but respectfully the tough conversations are easier, people want to perform for you, company moral is high, and the work environment is better for all.