Human Potential and Living a Full Abundant Life

Human Potential and living a full and Abundant life

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about human potential and living a full an abundant life. When I say abundant life I mean not just financial, I’m talking deep meaningful relationships with family and friends, making real impact on my community. I’m talking about making a difference in the lives of people I don’t even know. Living a life of significance.

Be a Champion

I have visions of making significant and meaningful impact on young men and women needing a mentor. There are those who believe they aren’t worthy, they’ll never succeed, their dreams will never come true. There are people my age and older who believe its to late to chase their dreams, they believe their time, and there opportunity has slipped through their fingers. They need a champion, I want to be their champion.

We All Have Greatness Within Us

You see I believe I was truly meant to make an impact, I believe that I have the potential within me to impact and change peoples lives for the better. There is greatness within me just waiting to be unleashed. I don’t think I am any different or better than anyone else. Its my belief that we all have greatness within us. We need only the courage to release it, to cultivate it, to unleash it.
Stretch The Limits of Your Potential

I believe it is our responsibility to push and test the limits of our full God given potential. We should set big fat audacious goals and then set out a plan of action to achieve them. We should aspire to be the greatest version of ourselves that we can possibly be. Remember, you can have all the potential in the world but it means nothing if you don’t take action. You can have a powerful race car but it wont move and get down the track until you put the pedal to the floor.

Will we ever really max out our potential, and be the absolute best version of ourselves? No, I don’t think its possible, and I can accept that. What is not acceptable for me any longer is not pursuing my best. Nothing less than a relentless pursuit of my full potential on a consistent bases is acceptable. Success is in the mission, in the journey where you leave a trail of meaningful relationships, achievements, and victories.

So What does Testing the Limits of Your Potential Look Like?

So what does pushing and testing your potential look like? Again, big fat audacious goals and an action plan to achieve them. It means taking consistent action daily towards our goals. It also means facing the questions, the unknown, facing your fears. Questions like, how could I ever do great things? You don’t have to have it mapped out, you just have to start, as you take baby steps the path will become clear. What will my friends and family think? What if I fail and everyone sees that? There is no failure unless we quit, only learning opportunities we can use to make course corrections. Through set backs and hardship, no matter how slow the process, we will still be ahead of those not even trying, and ahead of those rolling their eyes at us for trying.

I challenge you to test the limits of your potential and live a full and abundant life.

2 thoughts on “Human Potential and Living a Full Abundant Life”

    1. You start to pursue and probe the limits of your potential but first acknowledging that you are responsible for everything thing in your life.

      You are responsible for all outcomes. From this perspective you can now determine what outcomes you want for yourself and your life. You can now start to identify what it is you truly value and start developing goals around those values.

      Its about shedding limiting beliefs and dreaming big dreams, begin with the end in mind. What kind of relationships do you want and what do they look like? What kind of house do you want to live in? How much money do you want to make? Who do you want to become or what do you want to be?

      The key in identifying these things is to not be limited to your current situation in your thinking. Do not have a care in the world about others may think. And while identifying the goals and dreams that are important to you out no thought into how you are going to achieve it, just identify everything you want and everything you want to become. This helps you think bigger than your current limited thinking would allow.

      I will be posting soon for free how to document that will walk you through an exercise that will help you identify what is important to you and what you want to be and achieve if there were no limits.

      Once you have your BIG goals and dreams identified you put your blueprint together, breaking down your goals into actionable components. We will be posting instructions on creating a Blueprint soon.

      Then you must have the courage and commitment to take consistent action daily towards the achievement of your goals.

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