We are all Leaders, yes you to


We are all leaders, yes you to. It doesn’t matter what your position or title is.
According to John Maxwell the definition of leadership is influence. I believe it is the ability to influence others but how do we do that?
We influence others by how we live our lives, how we carry ourselves, how we treat people, and the example of excellence we present to those around us.
Notice, none of these things require a title or position.
All of us can set an example of excellence in how we approach our jobs, our friendships, our parenting, and our relationships with our significant others.
I was talking with a young man who was asking what he should do about a career, he didn’t go to college and had been working service jobs, fast food, waiter, pizza shop while he was performing in a band. He was having a great time, they recorded a couple of albums, they even went on a few short tours, but he realized they probably weren’t going to make it to the big time and the years were passing him by. He was afraid he was falling behind.

He was thinking of getting into a trade to try and learn a skill. As an old Electrician I told him I was a little biased but if he wanted to get into a trade he should pursue the electrical field. I reached out to a Contractor I knew, and they hired him. He asked me before he started If I had any advice.

I explained to him my position on creating value, I believe creating value is what we all need to do to keep a job, to be compensated well, and to rise in the ranks. Anyone can do the bare minimum and most people do. Value is created after you do what’s expected of you, when you go beyond what’s expected. You need to do what is expected and then do a little more.

Leaders dont fear hard work, they set the example.

I shared with him these tips;

• Arrive early every day, if you aren’t early, you are late. Be there early and ready to work.

• Do everything you are expected and or asked to do with a great attitude. I told this young man, if they tell you to carry 4” rigid pipe (very heavy) from one side of the site to the other, you be the best 4” rigid pipe carrier they ever saw.

• Pay attention to the smallest of details. Excellence is in the details. If you have done a task and you think, that’s good enough, then its not good enough. In my mind if its “good enough” it leaves room for improvement. The task is not done until it is done and done right to the best of your ability. It typically doesn’t take much longer or not much harder to close the gap between good enough and done right.

• Be willing to accept extra work, responsibility, and staying late.

• Don’t get caught up in gossip, complaining, and negative talk with other employees.

• Be the example of excellence, over the long term it will pay great rewards.

If you live these principles it will be recognized, and you will be rewarded. These principles translate to work, relationships, and life in general. Be the example of leadership.

Human Potential and Living a Full Abundant Life

Human Potential and living a full and Abundant life

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about human potential and living a full an abundant life. When I say abundant life I mean not just financial, I’m talking deep meaningful relationships with family and friends, making real impact on my community. I’m talking about making a difference in the lives of people I don’t even know. Living a life of significance.

Be a Champion

I have visions of making significant and meaningful impact on young men and women needing a mentor. There are those who believe they aren’t worthy, they’ll never succeed, their dreams will never come true. There are people my age and older who believe its to late to chase their dreams, they believe their time, and there opportunity has slipped through their fingers. They need a champion, I want to be their champion.

We All Have Greatness Within Us

You see I believe I was truly meant to make an impact, I believe that I have the potential within me to impact and change peoples lives for the better. There is greatness within me just waiting to be unleashed. I don’t think I am any different or better than anyone else. Its my belief that we all have greatness within us. We need only the courage to release it, to cultivate it, to unleash it.
Stretch The Limits of Your Potential

I believe it is our responsibility to push and test the limits of our full God given potential. We should set big fat audacious goals and then set out a plan of action to achieve them. We should aspire to be the greatest version of ourselves that we can possibly be. Remember, you can have all the potential in the world but it means nothing if you don’t take action. You can have a powerful race car but it wont move and get down the track until you put the pedal to the floor.

Will we ever really max out our potential, and be the absolute best version of ourselves? No, I don’t think its possible, and I can accept that. What is not acceptable for me any longer is not pursuing my best. Nothing less than a relentless pursuit of my full potential on a consistent bases is acceptable. Success is in the mission, in the journey where you leave a trail of meaningful relationships, achievements, and victories.

So What does Testing the Limits of Your Potential Look Like?

So what does pushing and testing your potential look like? Again, big fat audacious goals and an action plan to achieve them. It means taking consistent action daily towards our goals. It also means facing the questions, the unknown, facing your fears. Questions like, how could I ever do great things? You don’t have to have it mapped out, you just have to start, as you take baby steps the path will become clear. What will my friends and family think? What if I fail and everyone sees that? There is no failure unless we quit, only learning opportunities we can use to make course corrections. Through set backs and hardship, no matter how slow the process, we will still be ahead of those not even trying, and ahead of those rolling their eyes at us for trying.

I challenge you to test the limits of your potential and live a full and abundant life.

Your Potential, Your free will


We all have been blessed with God given talents and potential.  This is fact. It is also true that we have free will.  This is where the great divide occurs between greatness and mediocre.

It is your job to pursue those talents and stretch the very limits of your potential.

It is your responsibility to seek it, to cultivate it, and to consistently expand and test your limits.


This is what free will is all about. You can sit on the couch and know every detail about a silly TV show or you can create a life others dream of.

You have all the power

Once you decide to choose greatness, seek out your God given talent. Maybe you already know what it is, but you are afraid of failure, or fear what others think. That’s where courage comes into play.  Push through the fear, the fear of failure, the fear of ridicule, the fear of being uncomfortable.  Push on with your passion.

Its a shame that so much power in the form of human potential goes untapped and is wasted. Tap into and push your potential to the limit.  We are more capable than we can even fathom if we just dare test our limits.


Whats really keeping you from Success

There are two major factors that keep us from success, achievement, and living the life of our dreams. What are they? Fear and comfort.

All success and achievement comes from outside your comfort zone

It’s the fear of failure, the fear of the unknown, and the biggest fear of all in my view the fear of what our family and friends will think of us if we dare to be different, for daring to have dreams and goals so big they could never even contemplate achieving them.
It’s those fears that weigh on us and make our ability step out of our comfort zone to take the action required to achieve our goals seem impossible. It’s much more comfortable to sit on the sidelines never taking a risk. It’s easier to live in mediocrity than it is to step away from the pack and chase your dreams with a burning desire and passion.
The life of your dreams is out there but you must go after it. You must take action and here’s the secret. It’s not on your couch, you don’t learn how to achieve it by watching three hours of television a night.
To truth is that greatness and success is found outside your comfort zone. Goals, success, and abundance is achieved when you take action and get uncomfortable.
There are many things successful people don’t like to do just like less successful people the difference is successful people do them anyway. I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone, don’t let those who won’t even try tell you that you can’t do, be, or achieve anything.
Dream big dreams. Write down those dreams in detail. Create an action plan and then take action each day. You do not have to have it all figured out you just have to start and once you start consistent action compounded over time equals results. Surround yourself with positive like-minded individuals who will support you and hold you accountable. There will be fears but be courageous, you can do it.
“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear–not absence of fear.” –Mark Twain

Opportunity for success is there if you do your part.

The opportunity to achieve success in all areas of our lives are out there for all of us.  The fortunes of the universe do not discriminate. I am a firm believer in the teachings of Napoleon Hill’s “whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve”.  Its true for all of us regardless of race , religion, or social status.

In order though for the mind to bring that dream to reality and the forces of you universe to work in your favor you must do your part.  You must perform the following five steps;

  • Dream big bold dreams. The write those dreams out on paper in detail. You must do this and keep this where you can review each day.
  • You must develop a plan of action.  this plan must have daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals, and yearly goals if necessary.  This must be written out and reviewed daily.
  • Every morning and every evening before sleeping give thanks for the achievement of the goal as if the goal has already been brought to reality.
  • Take consistent action on a daily basis.
  • Celebrate all victories and achievements along the way.

Perform these five steps consistently and you will find the universe working in your favor to bring your dreams to reality.  You can achieve anything the can conceive, if you believe, and take action.

“Opportunity has spread its wares before you. Step up to the front, select what it is you want, create your plan, put the plan into action and follow through with persistence. “Capitalistic” society will do the rest. You can depend upon this much – Capitalistic society guarantees every person the opportunity to provide useful service and to collect riches in proportion to the value of the service.

This system denies no one this right, but it does not and can not promise something for nothing. The law of economics itself irrevocably controls the system that neither recognizes nor tolerates for long the getting without giving. ”

Passage from the book – Think and Grow Rich. Napoleon Hill